“Vologda timber industrialists” visited the 23rd St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum

The 23rd St. Petersburg International Forestry Forum was held on September 28-29, 2021. It was attended by representatives of the Vologda Timber Industry Group – Advisor to the General Director on Forest Relations Alexey Evstafyev, Head of Lumber Sales Alexander Aleksin and Head of Round Timber Sales and Logistics Anatoly Shcherbakov.

The main issues for discussion at the plenary session “Russian Timber Industry: Figures, Estimates, Forecasts” and at various conferences and roundtables were related to the current state of the Russian timber industry and its development prospects, forestry equipment market, review of international markets and global timber flows, development of logging companies, forestry management, bioenergy in timber industry. Many other topical issues were also touched upon.

Note that during the round table discussion “Situation in the Industry. Key events. New legislative initiatives of the Government. How does the business community react to it” was attended by Alexey Evstafiev. The event discussed in detail the issues of digital transformation of the forest sector in the Russian Federation, the modernized ForestEGAIS and FGIS LC, as well as planned legislative initiatives concerning wood logging, restrictions on the export of unprocessed timber in Russia. Special attention was paid to the forecasts and key factors of price changes for roundwood after 2022 in Russia.

As a reminder, representatives of the Vologda Timber Industry Group annually take part in this largest business event of the timber industry complex of Russia.