Our sawmills are equipped with modern high-performance machineries and produce a wide range of sawn timber in two species: spruce and pine. All products of typical grades meet the requirements of GOST 26002-83 and GOST 8486-86. The standard moisture content of the timber is 18% (+/-2%) according to GOST 16588-91 (ISO 4470-81). The sawn timber is packaged as 1LP, wrapped into plastic and fixed with at least three bundles. The packages are delivered with separative beams to ensure discharging by forklift.

Special sawing scheme

Special drying
Upon agreement with a customer we produce sawn timber with humidity of 12%, 14%, 16% for joinery and furniture industry.
As agreed with a customer we can offer sawn timber with odd-sizes, which are closed to the standart ones and allow to reduce the losses of raw material by our own production.

Sample of odd-sizes
28 x 152/183/212
31 x 130
35 x 100/115/125/138/150
39 x 240
42 x 100/125/150
44 x 85/138
45 x 90/108/110/148/150/170/198/200
50 x 115
56 x 125/150

The minimum contracted volume of off-sizes is 130cbm.


Typical dimensions of the sawn timber

Standart lengths 3000-6000mm, step 300mm