VLP continues to improve living conditions at its facilities

Social development of the enterprise presupposes high work ability of the collective. And this requires improvement of social and labor and living conditions.

This program at VLP implies stage-by-stage modernization of the Group’s facilities. For example, in the division’s logging division – in the village of Kadnikovskoye – the old administrative building was replaced with a comfortable carriage. In addition, a fully equipped room for changing clothes for workers with built-in ventilation in lockers for drying clothes, plumbing and drainage was installed.

At the end of last year the same cabins were bought for the employees of LLC “Lomovatka-Les”.

Konstantin Rogatykh, Director of the Timber Division:
“In the VLP Group of Companies the productive force is the person, the company’s personnel. They create material values through their labor. The higher the human potential, the better the company works. Without the interaction of people and employees, neither production nor fulfillment of plans is possible.