The Lomovatsky Rural House of Culture received new chairs from Vologda Timber Producers

The village of Lomovatka (Velikiy Ustyugsky District) was the site of a joyful event: in 2021 the Lomovatka Rural House of Culture was renovated.

And so that the audience in the new hall could comfortably watch concerts, the Group of Companies “VLP” within the project “30 good deeds”, presented the House of Culture with spectator armchairs. Three-seat seats for 60 people already met the first guests at the grand opening of the House of Culture.

Note that after the renovation of the House of Culture the villagers got a modern cultural institution, which meets the standards of quality of service, and the participants of amateur art activities got an opportunity to develop their creativity in a renovated and beautiful building.

Undoubtedly, this is a great gift for all the inhabitants of the village.