Vologda Timber Producers and Metropolitan of Vologda and Kirillov Savva met

On December 28, 2022 in the Vologda diocesan office Metropolitan Savva of Vologda and Kirillov met with Oksana Yakovleva, Director of Communications, Organizational Development and Human Resources of the Vologda Timber Industry Group.

Vologda Archdiocese and VLP have a long and fruitful cooperation. In the outgoing year 2022 joint activities were also implemented. In particular, opening of the Orthodox Center “Synergy”, assistance in holding the International Art Competition-Festival “Christmas Lights”. Cooperation will be continued in 2023 and the prospects for further cooperation have already been outlined.

At the end of the meeting the Archbishop presented Oksana Viktorovna a certificate of gratitude, in which he noted the staff of the Vologda timber industry group of companies for their active participation in the life of the Vologda diocese.