“Sheksna Wood Boards Plant” became a partner of the project “Eco-Sheksna 2021”

“Eco-Sheksna” forms a careful attitude to the surrounding world and natural resources, and is aimed at the development of creative and social activity of schoolchildren.

The project started last spring. For several months the schoolchildren took part in various environmental actions and activities, studied environmental problems.

Special interest was aroused by the nomination “assemblage point”. Every school of the district joined it. Children and teachers filled special containers with plastic lids, which were recycled and found a second life in new products. District-wide 157 kg were collected!

The prizes of the project “Eco-Sheksna 2021” were distributed as follows:
1st place – MOU “Nifantovskaya school”
2nd place – “Admiral Kalinin School №1” and MOU “Education Center named after N.K. Rozov”. N.K. Rozov’s Educational Center”.
3rd place – MOU “Charomskaya school” and MOU “Ust’-Ugolskaya school
4th place – Chebsarskaya School and Sheksninsky boarding school for students with disabilities

The project partners – Sheksninsky Wood Boards Plant and the District Education Department – congratulated the winners and runners-up.


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