Employees of LDK No. 2 are among the best in the Productivity Leaders program

In September, the professional retraining program in the field of productivity management, which was held at the site of one of the leading universities of the Russian Federation, was completed. The key employees of one of the production enterprises of the Vologda Timber Industry Group – LDK №2 – took part in the training.

A total of 8 employees headed by the Managing Director Evgeny Ignakhin were trained under the program “Productivity Leaders”. This made it possible to fully support the involvement of each participant.

Evgeny Ignakhin:

«I would like to note the very high level of teachers and experts, the excellent methodology, the organizational and technical part. As a result, the training program allowed us to get and structure knowledge, to look at the problem from another side. The training was very intensive, which charges and gives strength and confidence that all problems have their solutions».

As a final work, a development project was developed and defended at one of the production sites responsible for the organization of production. With its implementation, the productivity indicators of the enterprise will improve.

According to the program participants, the new knowledge allows them to rethink their approaches to work, to see ways to implement development opportunities systematically and comprehensively. To be more attentive to clients’ requirements and to promptly make changes in processes. Growth of employees’ competences will help the company to reach a higher quality level of production organization, which in the modern world is a prerequisite for stability.

Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group of Companies – dynamically developing vertically integrated Russian timber holding with a 30-year history and a full cycle of logging and deep wood processing, which ranks 10th in the top 50 largest timber companies in Russia by revenue according to Forest Industry magazine by the end of 2021. The company has 4 logging companies, 2 sawmills, fuel pellets production, 2 wood chipboard/LDF and MDF/LDF plants jointly with ChPMK, and the largest birch plywood plant under construction.