“Plitwood” took part in the “Russian Forest”

The session “Investment projects in the field of forest development: prospects, solutions” was held in the framework of the XXVII International Forestry Forum and Exhibition “Russian Forest”.

Dmitry Zachko, General Director of LLC “Plitwood”, told about the current status of the plant with the theme “The implementation of a priority investment project LLC “Plitwood” – new challenges and solutions.

At this stage, the project is more than 70% completed. 91% of all imported technological equipment has been imported and the delivery is in progress. The installation is going on. Construction and installation works on all main objects are completed. All off-site installation works are completed. The mounting of the engineering networks is going on.

Besides, Dmitry Valerievich drew everybody’s attention to the “thin spots”, in particular, to the infrastructural and social development of small settlements where the logging companies are located. As well as stimulation of internal demand for wood products (construction, transport, furniture).