Examination for compliance with FSC standards of Sheksna Wood Boards Plant LLC passed

In November 2021 LLC “Sheksninsky wood boards plant” received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of FSC chain of custody standards. The plant produces a wide range of chipboard and fiberboard (MDF) lined with melamine films based on thermoactive polymers, ideal for creating modern upholstered and cabinet furniture, facades, decorative interior decoration.

Sergey Stepanov, Director of LLC “Sheksninsky Wood Boards Plant”:

«Voluntary forest certification is an important condition for development and existence of civilized forest business. For more than a year already Sheksninsky wood board plant has been working under the management of new shareholders – it is the Group of companies “Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki” and “Cherepovetsky plywood and furniture plant”. SCDP is fully integrated into the corporate management systems. Steps to improve the level of environmental friendliness of products and a responsible attitude to forest management – is a priority for the enterprise. In October 2021 the plant certified particleboard with the E0.5 emission class and increased environmental friendliness, and in November we were successfully audited and received an FSC certificate. All of this will allow our products to be more competitive and open up new markets for consumption. In addition, passing this procedure is necessary for us to enter into more favorable contracts».

In a congratulatory letter, the certification administrator of Preferred by Nature – NEPCon OÜ, which is accredited by Assurance Services International – ASI (Accreditation Services International), Eugenia Kova said:

«FSC certification provides a reliable link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling private consumers and companies to make purchases for the benefit of people, the environment and business. We are grateful to the Sheksna wood-based panel mill for the company’s consistent demonstration of its commitment to FSC values».

FSC certification gives consumers a guarantee that no illegally harvested wood was used in the production of products, ecologically valuable forests and rare species of flora and fauna were preserved, and the rights of local communities were respected. All movements of certified forest products from the logging site to the processing plant are documented, tracked, and inspected. This reduces environmental and image risks for the seller and the buyer and allows them to make a statement that the products sold meet high international environmental and social standards.

The new document confirms that the trade and production chain of custody of forest products in the enterprise complies with international standards. (FSC-C171759)