“Breakfast with the director” – a new format of the event was held today in the “Vologda timber industry”

The meeting of General Director Alexander Shangin with the youth activists was dedicated to the Youth Day. Alexander Sergeevich answered the questions of employees from all of the Group’s enterprises without any bills.

As the General Director noted: “Young people are ready to improve any business – to change, modernize, improve. Within the Group of Companies you have opportunities to develop horizontally and grow upwards. I want to know each of you by sight and I am ready to discuss any questions with each of you. I give you the priority right to “make a call” and I will help you in any way I can! You are our great hope.”

There were some tricky questions. After all, young people are interested in everything, without exception. So, the staff decided to find out about the Director General’s free time.

“I am an ordinary man, I have a wife and children. I also do rock music – heavy music, very heavy. My compositions can be found on all platforms“, – shared Alexander Sergeyevich.

Besides, at the meeting the results of the Youth Council for the last year were presented and the best young employees of the Group of Companies were awarded.