Issues arising today in the work of HR-services were discussed at the round table “The labor market. Forecasts and actions”.

The strategy session brought together executives, human resource managers and organizational owners. Participants discussed the challenges of hiring/retrenching employees, interacting with managers, the payroll situation, supplies, and customer solvency.

"The current situation is very unstable, analysts do not give specific forecasts, and small and medium-sized businesses do not know what will happen next. The link between management and personnel is the HR-specialist, for whom new tasks arise in these new times.
If a company loses employees, it will collapse. On the other hand, in conditions of economic instability a company simply needs to save money, and this usually happens through layoffs.
We will think over what an HR manager should do in order to keep employees and motivate them to work in the new conditions without loss of production,

– Lyudmila Kukina, moderator of the event, noted.