“Vologodskie Lesopromyshlenniki” will carry out reforestation work on an area of more than seven thousand hectares

The enterprises of the Vologda Group of Companies continue to actively carry out reforestation work on the territory of the region. Work on forests compensation is carried out in coordination with state forestries. Artificial, natural and combined reforestation are used. The method is determined based on the amount of viable young growth and young conifers saved after felling.

It is planned to carry out reforestation on the area of 7 118 ha in 2022. Of these, artificial afforestation will be conducted on 1,337 hectares (19%), combined afforestation on 384 hectares (5%) and support of natural regeneration on 5,397 hectares (76%).

Traditionally the procedure will be carried out in several ways – by planting seedlings, soil mineralization, undergrowth preservation or a combined method.

Especially for this purpose, in our own forest nurseries with open root system and nurseries with closed root system (greenhouses), we produced planting material – 1.7 million spruce seedlings. In addition, 1,500 pine and spruce seedlings were purchased.

Seeds of spruce were purchased for reforestation next year. They will be used in forest nurseries and greenhouses to grow planting material.

Nikolay Pospelov, head of the forestry department of the Vologda Forest Industries Group:

"The company strictly fulfills its obligations for forest reproduction. In the areas where the loggers are logging, there is a balance of forest care and meeting the needs of processing enterprises in forest resources. In 2021 Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki carried out reforestation work on an area of about 10 thousand hectares".

Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group of Companies – dynamically developing Russian timber industry holding with a full cycle of logging and deep processing of wood, which ranks 11th in the top 50 largest timber companies in Russia by revenue and is recognized as the fastest growing company according to the magazine “Forest Industry” in 2020. It has 4 logging companies and 2 sawmills operating in 12 districts of the Vologda region.