“Vologda forestry workers” prepared for the fire season

The loggers of the Vologda Group of Companies are completing the planned preparation for the fire season in the leased forest areas. In 2022 it is planned to build and reconstruct about 7 kilometers of roads, create 62 resting places, install 67 fire alarm signs, arrange and take care of mineralized strips of about 247 kilometers.

Check the serviceability of fire extinguishing equipment in all storage facilities in Verkhovazhsky, Tarnogsky, Totemsky, Syamzhensky, Nyuksensky, Vozhegodsky, Kharovsky, Ust-Kubinsky, Vytegorsky, Velikoustyugsky areas of the Vologda region and Ustiansky district of the Arkhangelsk region.

Routes of ground patrols were coordinated with forestry units. Personal protective equipment has been purchased for employees. The number of vehicles, fire fighting equipment, composition and number of voluntary fire brigades are approved for each forest area and based on the area and composition of forest plantations.

Konstantin Rogatykh, director of the division “VLP-Forestry”:

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"The Group of Companies traditionally makes serious preparations for the forest fire season. In particular, special attention is paid to prevention, preventive work, construction and reconstruction of forest fire prevention roads.

In 2021 they built and reconstructed about 8 kilometers of fire roads.

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