“Verkhovazheles and Vozhega-Les are two more companies of the Group of Companies, with the employees of which the heads of VLP met

They told about the current situation and outlined the key changes. In particular, it was noted that the average monthly salary of the workers of the timber division enterprises for 7 months of 2022 exceeded the average salary in the industry in Russia by 40% for the same period and in the region by 17%. The average salary of employees at all enterprises of the Timber Division increased by 21% on average.

At the same time much attention is paid to improvement of the social and living conditions of the workers:
This year Verkhovazheles replaced old windows – plastic double-glazed windows were installed in the garage building (Teply Ruchey settlement). And by the end of the year the repair of service accommodation, repair of the facade of 2 garage boxes, replacement of brickwork will be completed.
At CJSC Vozhega-Les, the roof on the roof of the mall building was repaired and the power and lighting systems of the garage building were replaced.
The dormitory building has a new roof. The assembly hall will soon be repaired: two working rooms and a place for staff meetings were set up. And instead of the old building of the dormitory (built in 1974) there will be two caravan-houses: an office for three equipped workplaces with a hut; a locker room, a place to eat and a bathroom.

Konstantin Rogatykh, director of the logging division:
“For VLP, it is extremely important that staff – both at production sites, in office spaces, and at home – are provided with all the necessary working and living conditions. A sense of comfort in the workplace opens up the possibility to concentrate on achieving the highest results. We are now implementing just one part of an ambitious program to develop services for our employees.