Modernization continues at SCHDC

In February 2022, ShKDP LLC signed a contract for the supply of a new boiler TMU. Unfortunately, due to sanctions, the equipment did not arrive at the plant. The specialists of the plant promptly worked out alternative deliveries, and in June 2022 concluded a contract with another equipment supplier. As a result, on January 23, 2023, two months later, the equipment arrived at the mill.

The automated boiler house will be installed in the particleboard production facility to replace the outdated equipment. It is designed to heat thermal oil using natural gas to supply heat to the hot press of the BSP-1 line.

The new thermal oil plant has a number of advantages. The boiler is provided with a three-way valve, which maintains consistency of oil temperature in different phases of the process, the pumping stations allow non-stop switching from one pump to another in case of failure, without causing interruption of line equipment.

The cost of the investment project is more than 20 million rubles. It is planned to start assembling and installing new equipment in February 2023.

The start-up is scheduled for the middle of May 2023.