Students of “Cherepovets Forestry Technical School” were told about “Vologda timbermen”.

The information meeting with the students was held by Olga Sharova, head of the training and development sector of the HR department of VLP Group.

At the event students learned what companies are part of the Group, where they are located, what vacancies can be considered for the beginning of employment, the advantages of working at “VLP”. The students were also told how they could try their hand at the Group of companies now: about the internship or work experience.

"The students listened to me attentively. It was obvious that guys are interested to know about the Group of companies: they scanned QR-code to our web-site, took leaflets with contacts, students - "loggers" - were interested in what kind of equipment we work with. After the presentation they asked about the salary level and were interested in specific enterprises", - shared Olga Sharova.