“SCDP” continues to cooperate with the Sheksna branch of “Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant

Starting from 2021, LLC SHKDP has been actively cooperating with the branch of the Cherepovets Multidisciplinary College located in Sheksna.

In 2021 the plant purchased electrical equipment for practical assignments for students – electricians of the college in the amount of 45 000 rubles. Last year, the combine also helped to equip the college’s electrical laboratory according to the latest educational professional standards. The total cost amounted to 633,000 rubles.

In 2021, within the framework of cooperation with the college, it was decided to train in a new profession, necessary for the college – laboratory technician. In October 2022 the Cherepovets Multidisciplinary College got a license to carry out educational activities as a quality control laboratory assistant for raw materials, reagents, intermediate products, finished products and industrial waste (by field).

During 2022, the school renovated a classroom for teaching chemistry. Windows, flooring and lighting were replaced in the classroom, walls were plastered and painted, and the plumbing was repaired. Equipment, furniture, chemical glassware and reagents were bought for the chemistry lab. The total sum of investments in this educational program amounted to about 1 800 000 rubles.

The plant’s specialists actively participate in the educational process, sit on state examination committees to evaluate the quality of graduates’ training and assist in their employment. About 30 college students annually undergo practical training at the plant.