“ShKDP” received a certificate of conformity for the production of moisture-resistant particleboard

“Sheksninsky Kombinat of wood boards” started the production of moisture-resistant chipboard (type P3), which has a new consumer quality – it can be used in rooms with high humidity. In November the company received a certificate confirming the quality of this type of product. Such board is especially in demand in construction and furniture production.

Sergey Stepanov, director of LLC ShKDP:

“The appearance of a new product is due, on the one hand, to customers’ needs, our company’s desire to help develop partners’ business, and on the other hand, the opportunity to increase sales in our key segments. Until recently, SHKDP produced only water-resistant particleboard. But the market is changing rapidly and we have to keep up with the times.

In terms of technical characteristics the moisture-resistant board differs from ordinary boards in that it contains paraffin and melamine-formaldehyde resin of its own production, components that restrain moisture. In terms of appearance, you can distinguish the board only in the cut, moisture-resistant board has a green color. The board is certified according to GOST and has successfully passed all the necessary tests.

The quality certificate confirmed that the SHKDP moisture-resistant chipboard complies with the standards for boards used in damp conditions (type P3).

In addition, the company has produced a trial batch of moisture-resistant MDF, which can also be used in humid conditions. Recently, these boards have been gaining popularity for finishing rooms with humid air. They are highly resistant to humidity and frequent changes in temperature, and are an environmentally friendly product that is completely harmless to the environment, humans and animals.