“Sheksna Wood Boards Plant participates in the “Graduate Internship” program

Two third-year students of the Sheksna branch of BPOU VO “Cherepovets Multidisciplinary College” in the profession “electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment” have an internship at LLC “SHKDP”.

Elena Aleksandrova, head of HR department of “SHKDP”, told about the advantages of the participation in the event for both students and employers.

Firstly, it is difficult for graduates of colleges and universities to compete in the labor market with qualified specialists. The more so because today employers set serious requirements not only for the level and quality of knowledge and skills but also for the personal qualities of the employee.

Secondly, participating in the program the graduate gets not only invaluable experience, which is necessary for future employment, but also salary and labor book with the first record, and the employer can get a qualified specialist in the future to the permanent place of work.

To find out what an internship is and who can participate, visit the Department of Labor and Employment’s website: https://depzan.gov35.ru/vedomstvennaya-informatsiya/meropriyatiya/profstart-stazhirovki-dlya-vypusknikov/


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