The implementation of major investment projects, the growing cargo flow on the “loading/unloading” routes, serious stock of raw materials – the main theses of the working meeting of the director of LLC “SHKDP” Sergey Stepanov and the head of Sheksna municipal district Victor Kuznetsov.

Today 618 people work at the Sheksna Wood Boards Plant. The enterprise is working in the planned mode. The daily processing of raw materials is more than 1.5 thousand cubic meters. The queue of empty trucks for loading is the best indicator of high demand for the products.

There is no stopping the implementation of three investment projects, two of which will allow the mill to significantly reduce energy costs.

As for the development strategy, the mill’s management is taking a pause to think about further actions. It is expected that the current economic situation will cause problems both in supplies of imported spare parts for equipment and in purchasing of imported equipment. At the same time, it will not affect the work schedule of the labor collective. The enterprise will continue to work as usual.

Group of Companies “Vologda Timber Industry” – dynamically developing Russian forest industry holding with a full cycle of logging and deep processing of wood, which ranks 11th in the top 50 largest forest industry companies in Russia in terms of revenue and is recognized as the fastest growing company according to the magazine “Forest Industry” in 2020. The company has 4 logging companies, 2 sawmills, operating in 12 districts of the Vologda region.

ChPMK JSC is one of the largest woodworking companies in Russia. It produces over 40 kinds of high-quality products based on the technology of deep processing of wood, the main of which are birch plywood and details made of it, chipboard, laminated chipboard, sawn wood. The company supplies its products to over 50 countries.