Representatives of the regional authorities visited the joint ventures of Vologda timber industry workers

Mikhail Glazkov, Deputy Governor of the Vologda region and Roman Markov, Head of the Forestry Department of the Vologda region visited LLC “Plitwood” and LLC “VokhtogaLesDrev” with a working visit.

The project of OOO Plitwood is focused on the creation of birch plywood production. Now on the industrial site the construction of the main production buildings, boiler-house, steaming pools, administrative and household building and internal driveways is coming to the end. Stage by stage supply of technological equipment is being carried out.

At the moment 585 people are employed at VokhtogaLesDrev, the major employer of the community. In July the management of the company indexed the salaries and increased them by 10%. The staff works without idle time, there is no question of reduction, the volume of production is stable.

“In recent years, the company has invested heavily in the development of production: the installation of steam and hot water boilers, the installation of a new impregnation line and the investment project to install equipment for the chip sorting area have been completed, – said Mikhail Glazkov. – In the current economic conditions the mill had to reduce investment programs, but social obligations to the workforce and social projects are carried out in full.