Alexander Churkin again headed the Council of the Union of Timber Industrialists and Timber Exporters of the Vologda region

April 9, 2021 held a meeting of the Council of the Union of Timber Industry and Forest Exporters of the region, which was attended by members of the Council and the management of the Department of Forestry in the region.

Chairman of the Union Council Alexander Churkin informed the participants of the meeting about the results of work on the improvement of forest legislation within the mechanism of “regulatory guillotine”. “At the moment important issues of the forestry complex are under the close attention of the leadership of our country and the Government of the Russian Federation. A number of measures for the decriminalization of the forestry complex have been outlined and the bills related to these measures are being actively implemented. The bills pass through the so-called “regulatory guillotine,” – said Alexander Nikolaevich. – Let me remind you that this committee is co-chaired by Sergey Anoprienko, Russian Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology and Miron Tatsyun, President of the Union of Timber Industrialists and Forest Exporters of Russia. Working and expert groups have been formed. And before any bill from the Ministry of Natural Resources comes to the State Duma, it goes through this “regulatory guillotine”. There is an active discussion of changes on its platform”.

Deputy Head of the Department of Forestry of the region Sergey Nazarov in his turn informed the participants about the changes in the forest legislation and the requirements of control authorities for forest protection, protection and reproduction of forests.

Council members discussed the implementation of the pilot project for the implementation of a system traceability of harvesting, processing, timber removals in the Vologda region, the requirements for entering information and changes in forest development projects.

By the unanimous decision of the Board members Alexander Churkin – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Joint-Stock Company Vologda Group of Companies Forest Enterprises – was elected as its Chairman once again.