“Onego-Transles” is 26 years old!

More than 10,000,000 tons of products have been transshipped by CJSC Onego-Transles over its history of operation.

“Onego-Transles has been working in the stevedoring services market since 1996. The company was founded from the beginning to provide roundwood loading and delivery from own timber companies to consumers. Nowadays CJSC Onego-Translesles provides shipment for the enterprises of Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group: CJSC Onegalesprom, CJSC Austrofor, LLC LDK №2, and also works with other customers to process inert materials and timber cargoes.

Annually the company processes 400 000 – 500 000 cubic meters of roundwood, wood chips, sawn timber, inert materials. The company owns 4 floating cranes KPL 5-30, a RT tugboat, as well as berths and yards for timber and other cargo storage.

Since 2009 the company is headed by the managing director Alexey Kostin:

«Last year was a fruitful year, more than 400 thousand cubic meters of cargo were handled from the port of Voznesenye in the Leningrad region to Ivanovo Bor in the Vologda region. And a few days ago another navigation on the Volga-Baltic Sea began. I wish the team success in their work!»


Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group of Companies – dynamically developing Russian timber industry holding with a full cycle of logging and deep processing of wood, which ranks 11th in the top 50 largest timber companies in Russia by revenue and is recognized as the fastest growing company according to the magazine “Forest Industry” in 2020. It has 4 logging companies and 2 sawmills operating in 12 districts of the Vologda region.