“Onegalesprom” celebrates its 25th anniversary

In March 1997 the logging company “Onegalesprom”, a part of the JSC “Group of companies “Vologda Timber Industry”, was established.

For 25 years Onegalesprom has been logging and selling roundwood assortments: coniferous sawn timber, coniferous and deciduous balance wood. The company uses assortment logging technology. Production is realized by water transport during the navigation period from May to November and all the year by automobile transport. Products are supplied to the domestic market: Republic of Karelia, Vologda, Leningrad, Novgorod, and Kostroma regions.

The enterprise is managed by the managing director Ivan Samoydyuk. In 2015 Ivan Matveyevich was awarded the medal “For Merit to the Vologda Oblast”, since September 2020 he is the Honorary Citizen of the Vytegorsky District.

JSC “Onegalesprom” constantly exceeds the plans by all indicators, which is due to the strong management team, coordinated work of the team, favorable weather conditions and uninterrupted operation of machinery.

The result of the company is measured not only by the amount of harvested wood – in 2021 the company logged over 489.44 thousand m3 assortments, but the volume of exported and sold wood (exported – 481.8 thousand m3, sold – 482.43 thousand m3 assortments).

The company employs 239 people. There is practically no staff turnover; on the contrary, working conditions, stability, salary level attract the workers not only from the neighboring districts of the region, but also from other regions.

In addition to production activity JSC “Onegalesprom” realizes an extensive program of social orientation. In 2021 due to the support and sponsorship of the company’s management the first professional set of balls for the Paralympic game boccia appeared in the sports and recreation center “Mariinsky”. Also the company helped Vytegorsk Central Regional Hospital to purchase oxygen concentrate. And in October of the previous year was signed a trilateral agreement on cooperation in the activity of school forestry between the representatives of Vytegorsk State Forestry, JSC Onegalesprom and the cadet school “Prionezhi Korabeli”.

Ivan Samoydyuk, managing director of JSC Onegalesprom:

"The specifics of our company is that it was created in 1997 "from scratch", without any material base. It was difficult to form it in those years, but it was then that a team of people who want and are able to work began to form. There are peculiarities of our Vytegorsky District: it is the largest district of the Vologda Region by area, rich in forests, but with insufficient development of the road network. We sometimes simultaneously harvest at logging sites that are 200 kilometers away from each other, if you count the distance along the roads. Another peculiarity is the absence of railway transport in the area, but the presence of a major waterway - the Volga-Baltic Waterway. This sets the direction of product exports and seasonal rhythms determined by the navigation period.