New types of products started to be produced by ShKDP

Sheksninsky Wood Boards Plant* began producing resins for woodworking and furniture companies, as well as MDF-based insulating boards.

Sheksna has been producing wood boards for the furniture industry for four decades. “SHKDP” produces almost the entire range of board products – chipboard, fiberboard and MDF, as well as laminated chipboard and MDF. Only laminated chipboard is produced here in the amount of over a million square meters per month. Deliveries go to Russia and neighboring countries.

Sergei Stepanov, director of the “ShKDP” LLC:

«The company worked in the last quarter and April-May in the planned mode, with full production load. In June, we are also fully covered with orders. The enterprise works in full without downtime.

In terms of import substitution we have developed two new products, we offer them to domestic wood processing companies. These are different types of resins for glued laminated timber, for the furniture industry, and in April in terms of import substitution we have already produced a trial batch of heat insulating boards based on low density MDF boards».   

Two types of resins – melamine urea-formaldehyde adhesive resin grade MKF-KS and urea-formaldehyde resin grade KF-Zh have already been sent to several customers after successful pilot tests.

*JSC Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group of Companies jointly with JSC Cherepovetsky Plywood and Furniture Mill owns LLC ShKDP on a parity basis.


Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group is a dynamically developing Russian timber industry holding with a full cycle of logging and deep wood processing, which ranks 11th in the top 50 largest timber companies in Russia by revenue and is recognized as the fastest growing company according to the Forest Industry magazine by the results of 2020. It has 4 logging companies and 2 sawmills operating in 12 districts of the Vologda region.

ChPMK JSC is one of the largest woodworking companies in Russia. It produces more than 40 types of high-quality products based on deep wood processing technologies, the main of which are birch plywood and parts thereof, chipboard, laminated chipboard, lumber. The company supplies its products to over 50 countries.