VokhtogaLesDrev LLC held a professional skills contest “Best in Profession” – loader driver

The forklift driver is an important profession in manufacturing. It always requires a high level of attention and prompt reaction from an employee.

The professional skills competition was held in two stages:

  • theoretical: a test on the forklift device, rules of operation, labor protection requirements when driving a vehicle, first aid.
  • practical: consisted of tasks, each of which was aimed at determining the level of skill in operating a forklift truck in non-standard situations.

Despite the complexity of the tests, the prizes were distributed as follows:
– 1st place was divided between Alexey Molin (particleboard shop) and Sergey Novozhilov (laminating section)
– 2nd place – Ilya Ponidaev (laminating section)
– 3rd place – Victor Markelov (loading and unloading shop).