At LDK No. 2, projects to increase labor productivity in the production areas are continuing.

One of the areas of activity in the projects is to increase the involvement of employees in the processes of quality growth, productivity increase, and improvement of working conditions. In the sawmill one of the successfully implemented methods of lean production is the collection of proposals from employees to improve the production process.

They can report their suggestions using a smartphone camera and attach a drawing. The discussion and implementation with the involved persons and responsible employees takes place promptly and without additional meetings.

During 6 months of using the tool, the operator of the debarking machine, Yuri Feryn, has been identified as the leader in submitting proposals. His approach to the case is an example of responsible attitude to the work performed, which gave a positive result and forced to think about more profound changes.

The management of the enterprise Yuri was awarded with a gift – a special clothes with the symbols of the Group of Companies “VLP”, which was presented in the presence of colleagues.

In the future all suggestions of employees will also be considered as a source of opportunities for continuous improvement of our company.