VLP youth activists made it through BRIDGE with dignity

The city meeting of youth organizations of the city “BRIDGE” was held from August 12 to 14 at the camp site in the village of Shachino. The participants – 260 representatives of working youth from various organizations of Vologda and Cherepovets. One of the brightest participants of the event was the team of “Vologda timber industry workers,” which consisted of employees of JSC “Group of companies VLP” and LLC “LDK № 2”.

Our guys showed their worth in the bivouac competition, they were creative in networking and the intellectual game “Brainiac. Passed obstacle course with hiking elements. For the first time they stood on a sapsurfboard and immediately took part in a sapsurfing competition.

Evgeniya Pavlikova, an occupational safety specialist of LLC LDK 2, in her “Flower and Waste Paper Fairy” costume danced with brilliance in the contest Miss “MOST”, where they had to demonstrate their outfit of recyclable materials.

Also members of the team listened to speakers from “Rosmolodezh.Karyera” with themes “How to build a career. Pitfalls, Strategies, and Best Practices” and “Creating and Promoting an Initiative in an Organization.”

“It was a very interesting experience of cohesive, aligned and creative activity with colleagues. For the first time we gathered a team from separate divisions from different districts, where the enterprises of our Group of companies are present. This will help us in our work activity – we will have a more united team. And in general it was unforgettable 3 days! Our first “BRIDGE”! It’s great that we were able to gather a team and become a part of the tourist gathering!” – said the captain of the Vologda Timber Industry Team, Natalia Khoroshun.