The driver for increasing the productivity of LDK №2

Sawmill and Woodworking Plant No. 2, a member of the Vologda Group of Companies has completed the first stage of the project to improve labor productivity in the sawmill shop of the plant.

In October 2021 for the first time in the JSC “VLP Group” on the basis of LLC “LDK №2” with the support of the Regional Competence Center of the Vologda region began to implement a project to improve labor productivity. The main goal is to increase labor efficiency indicators using lean production methods.

Evgeny Ignakhin, Managing Director of LLC LDK №2:

“The project is expected to last three years. One of the conditions for participation in the national project is an annual increase in labor productivity. Currently there is an active phase of introducing the developed improvements and lean production methods into the production chain”.

The specialists of LDK №2 identified four main directions of the project to increase productivity in the sawmill shop:

  1. Improving the quality of work, while reducing losses and costs with a focus on digital technology accounting, control, analysis, based on a unique database accumulated over the years of production.
  2. Update and revise previously used standards of work, taking into account new technologies and tools.
  3. Involvement of employees of all levels in production processes. Building communications and feedback channels with the first level personnel, those who directly create the value of the enterprise.
  4. Improving the culture of production as the basis for the development of improvements.

The participants of LDK No. 2 team underwent initial training in the basics of lean production. Such tools as implementation of improvement suggestion system, problem-solving boards, shift meetings, shop and enterprise information center and other tools are already being actively used. The next stage is to learn how to use new approaches in readjustment of equipment and production analysis.

In addition, internal trainers have been trained, who can further replicate such developmental projects to other divisions of the enterprise.