Volunteer fire department “Vozhega Forest” took part in a fire tactical exercise

Exercises were held in Vozhegodsky district at one of the woodworking facilities.

According to the tactical plan – there was a fire of wood stacks. The readiness of the facility’s administration to act in case of fire was assessed, interaction with the facility’s personnel and life support services was practiced, the actions of EMERCOM personnel and the firefighting manager were practiced, and external fire water sources were checked.

The exercise involved employees of the 22nd Fire and Rescue Unit for the protection of the Vozhega village of the Vozhega Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for the Vologda region, employees of certain posts number 84 and 140 of the Fire Safety Service of the region, representatives of the emergency rescue service of Vozhegodsk urban settlement, Volunteer Fire Department “Vozhega Forest” and the services of life support.

At the end of the practical activities there was a debriefing on the actions of the personnel of the fire protection units and the administration of the facility.