Alexander Churkin took part in the meeting of the Union of Timber Industrialists and Timber Exporters of Russia

March 23, 2021 held a regular meeting of the Board of the Union of Timber Industry and Forest Exporters of Russia, which was attended by Alexander Churkin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Vologda Group of Companies” Timber Industry.

At the meeting discussed a number of topical issues for the forest business. On the agenda was a question about the implementation of the list of instructions of the President of the Russian Federation from 06.11.2020 № PR-1816 and the Action Plan for the decriminalization and development of the forest sector, approved by the Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko in October 2020.

“At the meeting of the council were suggestions and comments on the work on the implementation of orders of the President of the Russian Federation in the preparation of departments of new bills, the development of which is not objective mechanism for interaction between officials and representatives of the forest business community, – said Alexander Churkin. – At the Council decisions were made to implement these issues, including the preparation and delivery to the appropriate government agencies consolidated forest business proposals in the action plans for the strategic development of the forest industry of Russia”.