On May 12 there was a festive event on delivery of special vehicles and equipment to the fire department No 51 of the Vokhtoga settlement: tank trucks and compressors for filling breathing apparatuses

During the event, Alexey Zotov, Chairman of the Vologda Oblast Committee for Civil Protection and Social Security, presented the keys, certificates for the equipment and the equipment itself.

There was also a signing ceremony for an agreement on cooperation in the development of Fire Station 51 in the Vokhtoga settlement of the Gryazovets District between Dmitry Zachko, the general director of Plitwood LLC, and Vladimir Dorogov, the head of the Vologda Oblast Fire Protection Service.

During the ceremony, the best employees of the fire department were awarded. At the end of the event the firefighters arranged a demonstration event for all those present.

Alexander Kolychev, Administrative Director of JSC “Vologodskiye Lesopromyshlenniki Group”:

"The slogan of the Vologda Timber Industry Group is "Development with us!" This also applies to the areas where our enterprises are present. In Vokhtoga, OOO VokhtogaLesDrev has traditionally been engaged in charity work. Today, for the first time, the baton of socially responsible attitude towards the organizations of the district is being passed on to the Plitwood plant, which is under construction".

Dmitry Zachko, general director of Plitwood:

"What happened now is an extremely important event that brings confidence and peace of mind to people's hearts for their property. We are also interested in the process of ensuring the safety of the public and industry. I really hope that despite the comfortable conditions - there won't be much work for you."