March 1 at the Cherepovets Forestry Technical School named after V.P. Chkalov the regional career guidance contest among students “Young Arborist” was held.

VLP Group once again supported the young talents! And provided gifts for the winners and all participants of the “Young Arborist” contest.

The regional career guidance contest “Young Arborist”, which has already become traditional, was held on March 1 at the Cherepovets V.P. Chkalov Forestry Technical School.

More than 20 students from secondary schools and school forestries of the region answered questions about the forest industry and carried out practical tasks.

According to the results of all tests, the prizes were distributed as follows:
1st place – Matvey Chervyakov, MBOU “Sovetskaya Basic General Education School”. Totemsky district, Sovetskiy settlement
2nd place – Daniel Trenin, Ust-Kubinsk Education Center, Ustye settlement
3-rd place – Tsvetkov Savva, MOU “General Education School with profound study of individual subjects № 8” Vologda.

By the decision of the jury the following participants were awarded for winning in separate nominations:
“The best logging machine operator” – Maksim Miroshnichenko, MOU “Nelazskaya school” v. Shulma
“The Best Expert in Tractor Machinery” – Romanov Ruslan, Cherepovets Secondary General Education School No. 16
“The best theoretical training” – Valeria Savka, MBOU “Sovetskaya Basic General Education School”. Totemsky district, Sovetskiy settlement.

Congratulations to all participants!