Information about SC «Company group «Vologodskiye lesopromyshlenniki»

      • Annual use of rated wood-cutting area - 1935 thousand cubic metre
      • Annual volume of factual logging - 1200 thousand cubic metre
      • Total area of rented woodlots – 880 000 hectare
      • Annual volume of sale of production – 1500 thousand cubic metre
      • Annual volume of woodworking of plank timber – 420 thousand cubic metre
      • Total number of staff – 2140 people


The Main Types of Activity:

              • Production and sale of commercial wood and sawn timber (the products are FSC certified);
              • Transportation of commercial wood to foreign and home markets (railway, water and motor transport);
              • Purchasing and shiftment of forest products from small logging operators on the own terminals;
              • Accomplishment of leasing operations: leasing of machinery for logging, heavy and light motor transport, tractor facilities, woodworking equipment;
              • Working out and implementation of investment projects in timber industry in the North-West of Russia ( harvesting and wood processing branches of industry)